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Aramendia_special Houston Fresh Aire UV Light Many people don’t realize that ultraviolet lighting can offer one of the best lines of defense that a home or building has against contaminants and pollutants. Contaminants in the air can make you feel uncomfortable, take a toll on your long-term health, and even harm the performance of your air circulation systems. While there are many ways to improve air quality, installing an ultraviolet light like the Fresh Aire UV light or the Reme UV light inside your central air conditioner can be an especially effective approach. Ultraviolet lights deliver consistent results without any negative impact on your health or lifestyle.

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How Ultraviolet Lights Improve Your Indoor Air Quality

You should turn to a qualified HVAC technician any time that you need to have ultraviolet lighting installed or replaced, since ultraviolet light can be harmful to your skin and eyes. Aramendia’s team of skilled technicians can provide these services and more. For over 20 years, our company has consistently delivered top-quality service to our Houston customers. We approach each job ready to listen to our clients and work with them to guarantee satisfaction. We can help you with everything from your basic repairs and maintenance to the process of picking and upgrading to a new system. Installing ultraviolet lights in your central air conditioner is a proven way to enhance indoor air quality. Ultraviolet lights can weaken, sterilize, and in some cases completely destroy the following:
  • Mold and mildew
  • Allergens
  • Viruses
  • Air-borne bacteria
  • Odors
There are many ways to limit the number of these unwanted microbes in your air supply, but using ultraviolet lights offers a few unique benefits:
  1. Ultraviolet light causes germs to have genetic mutations that prevent reproduction and cause a shorter lifespan. There’s no way that microbes inside the air conditioner unit will be missed, and it is impossible for them to build up immunity against the effects of the ultraviolet light.
  2. Since the ultraviolet lighting is installed inside your central air unit, you don’t have to worry about people or pets in your home being exposed and adversely affected.
  3. Using ultraviolet lights is more convenient than resorting to harsh cleaning chemicals, which can be difficult to work with and can have unwanted side effects.
It’s true that installing a Fresh Aire UV light inside your central air conditioner unit will not eliminate every pollutant or contaminant inside your home – ultraviolet light only affects the microbes that it shines directly onto. However, your central air conditioning unit presents a damp, cool environment that air from the rest of the house is repeatedly circulating through. This makes it is the perfect point for unwanted microbes to gather and grow. Just sterilizing the air that is going through your central air conditioner unit will make a significant difference in air quality. As an added benefit, keeping your central air system free of contaminants will help it run more efficiently, saving you energy and money. Using a Fresh Aire or Reme UV light also spares you the cost of buying cleaning chemicals and supplies.

Trusted Ultraviolet Light Brands

It’s important to choose the right ultraviolet light so that you can get the best results and enjoy a lasting effect. A low-quality ultraviolet light might wear out quickly or simply not be very effective at sterilizing and cleaning the air inside your home. The Fresh Aire UV light and the Reme UV light are two ultraviolet lights that we often work with and recommend. We’re happy to give you advice on choosing the right option – including information on pricing and maintenance or replacement needs – before we perform the installation or replacement.

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We want to help you make your building or home a better place to spend time in. It doesn’t take much effort to improve air quality, but the difference that purer air makes can be dramatic. Call us at (832) 789-1051 to learn more about your ultraviolet lighting installation or repair.
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